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Some of the typical forms to assist
in the purchase of real estate

If done properly, everyone benefits.
 If ignored or executed inadequately, everyone suffers.

Appraisal Addendum 

Attorney Review Addendum 

Automatic Ext. of Closing (Reg. Z) 

Back-Up Addendum to Purchase & Sale Agreement 

Back-Up Buyer Notice First Sale Failed 

Buyer's Pending Sale of Property Cont. 

Buyer's Sale of Property Contingency 

Condominium New Construction/Conversion 

Condominium Purchase & Sale Agreement 

Counter-Offer (Addendum) 

Earnest Money Promissory Note 

Escalation Addendum 

Extension of Closing Date Addendum 

Feasibility Contingency 

Financing Addendum 

Financing Contingency Notice 

General Addendum (Blank) 

Homeowner Insurance Addendum 

Identification of Utilities Addendum 

Inspection Addendum 

Inspection Response for Form 35 

Land and Acreage Addendum 

Lead-Based Paint and Hazards Disclosure 

Lease Review Addendum 

Limited Waiver of Financing Contingency 

Manufactured Home Addendum  

Manufactured Home PSA (on Leased Land) 

Multi-Family Purchase and Sale Agreement 

Neighborhood Review Contingency 

Notice from Contingent Buyer to Seller 

Notice of Low Appraisal 

Notice to Remove Contingency 

Open Space Addendum 

Optional Clauses Addendum 

Payment Terms Addendum 

Pierce County Septic Addendum 

Pre-Inspection Agreement 

Presale Addendum - Optional Clause 

Presale Addendum 

Rescission of Purchase and Sale Agreement 

Residential Purchase and Sale Agreement 

Second Buyer's Addendum 

Seller Disclosure - Commercial Property 

Seller Disclosure - Improved Property 

Seller Disclosure - Unimproved Property 

Septic Addendum 

Short Sale Addendum 

Title Contingency Addendum 

Vacant Land Purchase & Sale Agreement 

Well Addendum 

Withdrawal of Offer or Counteroffer 


If done properly, everyone benefits.
  If ignored or executed inadequately, everyone suffers.

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