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Originally licensed as a Real Estate Salesman in 1972 to help and assist tax and accounting clients, I have remained active within the real estate industry maintaining working relationships with buyers, sellers, builders, developers and residential support and compliance personnel at all levels. As such, I have over forty years of progressive involvement in accounting, taxes, real estate, residential construction and development  -  – educated in Bookkeeping, Accounting, Business Administration, Real Estate Principles & Practices, State and Federal Tax Management, Paralegal Studies, Residential Construction Management, Title Practice, Escrow Principles and Real Estate Law.

From high school and basic training, I reported to Pearl Harbor-based fleet tanker USS HASSAYAMPA (AO-145) - the most decorated and memorable fleet oiler the U.S. Navy and Military Sealift Command has ever had - and was blessed with visits into the Western and South Pacific, the Orient and Western and Southern Australia.

Married for over forty-eight years, we were blessed with a grand wedding in my wife’s hometown of Kaneohe, Hawaii. We have three grown children and two grandchildren. After many visits to the Islands, our favorite was in July 2010 - our 44th Wedding Anniversary. A multi-year research project found my wife chronicled not only with Native Hawaiians but also with the Native American Tribes of the Nisqually and of the Puyallup. My line is nowhere near as colorful as hers.

In the mid-1980s, a desire took me back into naval service utilizing construction experiences I had gained over the years. With the Navy's Seabees for two two-year terms, I was assigned to Detachment 0218 meeting logistically at Ft. Lewis. Reserve deployments took me back to Hawaii and on to Battalion Centers in California and Mississippi. Those four years rekindled memories of old...

As to "real estate," I find it to be a most fascinating endeavor laden with challenges, opportunities and rewards. And here in the Pacific Northwest is where I find myself to be of most value to myself, my family, and to anyone… As to methodology, I am a staunch advocate of the Self Directed Roth IRA and its ability to function in an LLC.

Aside from family and friends, my interests lie in Mother Nature, music and the art of the deal. As to Mother Nature, I find her to be a most fascinating individual, especially in how she melds flora, fauna, glaciers and deserts. As to music, I relish works of classical composers but also Celtic and heraldic compositions of hard rock and heavy metal - from André Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra's waltz and classics to the Swedish melodic black metal band Amon Amarth, Over the years, I have produced and promoted many live stage performances in tune with my likings. As to the art of the deal, Muhammad Ali, Warren Buffett, Sean Connery, Trammell Crow, Joshua Green, James J. Hill, James J. Ling, Michael Milken, Bill Muncey, George Patton, Alexander Peabody, Erwin Rommel, Donald Trump and Sun Tzu intrigue me.